Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Harvest

We'll admit, keeping a blog actually does take a lot of time and dedication. Outside of the writing part, sometimes we feel pressured to come up with our own recipes, rather than using ones on the web or in our cookbooks. Alas, we had forgotten the point of a food blog - a blog that discusses food, that doesn't necessitate our own recipes (though, that is always a plus), and that proves that cooking at home can be fun and increase your awareness about what goes into your food, whether it be a healthy salad or a scrumptious dessert. (On that note, put 15 minutes aside to read this article: Putting America's Diet on a Diet)

And so, I present to you our next few posts - most of which were meals based on recipes we have found. We actually had a lot of fun with these dishes; they were all extremely successful and finger-licking delicious.

Our challenge this week (thanks to our CSA pickup this past Monday):

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